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 Le Jour se leve by The Fifi organization

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michel sanvoisin


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MessageSujet: Le Jour se leve by The Fifi organization   Lun 17 Aoû - 19:06

Another great review from The Fifi Organization.

Those guys should mess with the Shangols dudes !

You can read it here or this is a quick cut&paste as usual :

There is a short Marcel Carne biography then a quite long Synopsis of the movie then this :

Citation :

Sun 10 May 2009


Oh, how I loved this film! On a technical note, the cinematography and set design is pretty impressive for 1939. I loved the tall, narrow apartment building – probably a matte painting but cool nonetheless. I loved the way the camera crept up and down the stairwell, in and out of the window, over the crowd… I also loved the factory set, everyone wearing space suits except Françoise.
All of the acting was excellent (well, except for Jacqueline Laurent as Françoise, who was a little flat), but I have to give a particular shout-out to Arletty (born Léonie Marie Julie Bathiat) as Clara. Arletty was a French fashion model, singer, stage and screen actress who was imprisoned after WWII for having had an affair with a German soldier during the occupation. “My heart is French,” she replied defiantly, “but my ass is international.”

Regardless of whether that story is true or just the figment of a crafty Wikipedia editor’s imagination, Arletty is fantastic in this film – sexy, sympathetic, strong, and funny. She has a part that could have turned into a one-note shrew or femme fatale, but she never stoops to caricature. She is frankly sexual without seeming lascivious, tart without ever being simply a bitch, hurt by two men but philosophical, broken-hearted but never, ever broken. Robin walked in halfway through this movie, and the first thing she said was, “Who is that? She’s gorgeous!”

Another thing I loved: Le jour se lève is genuinely adult, unapologetically sexy. Without leering or judging, the script acknowledges the sexual desires of well-rounded adult characters. François is blunt about his desire for a roll in the hay, but he isn’t a jerk about it. Both François and Françoise carry on simultaneous relationships with two lovers, openly, without apology, and the script does not seem to condemn them for this. Plus, there’s a lot of fun, ribald bantering. Of course, both male leads die in the end, so you could argue that they ultimately pay a steep price for their liaisons, but I choose to ignore that for the moment.

What else? Le jour se lève is, in its broad outlines, a noir film: A basically decent man makes a couple of poor decisions, which causes his life to spiral inexorably downward into heartbreak and murder; add femme fatale to taste. And those are my favorite kind of movies. But this is more of a romantic noir; there is no crime involved (well, except the murder which frames the story), just a quartet of damaged people trying to get their emotional and sexual needs met and destroying each other in the process. Except for Clara. Nothing can destroy her.


As previously mentioned, Jacqueline Laurent as Françoise was the one dull spot in the film. 18 at the time the film was shot, physically slight and surrounded by a trio of powerhouse actors, she never made an impression.


Oh yeah, definitely. Like film noir? Doomed romance? Twisty plots told in reverse? Great B/W cinematography? Sexy banter? See it, already!
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Le Jour se leve by The Fifi organization
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